I Know…

I’ve been absent from the blog scene this week, but I doubt any of you are too devastated.  It’s not that I haven’t eaten anything worth while.  I simply have trouble remembering to have my camera on me.  Don’t fret, I’ll learn.

Alex is coming to visit this weekend.  Remember him?  David and I will probably take him to a few Winston-Salem joints.  Food will be documented.

In other news, I’ll be dog/house-sitting all week.  The dogs are quite cute.

It feels weird making a post with no photos.  Let’s see if I can find something worth sharing.

Yeah, that’ll work.  That’s a miniature Richard Petty.  The third grade class I student taught with had Biography Day where everyone dressed up as influential people from history.

Happy Friday!


Tomatoes Galore

Good Sunday Morning, all.  I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.  I’m sitting here sipping coffee and reminiscing about yesterday’s dinner.  No, David and I didn’t go to a restaurant last night.  We enjoyed a sweet, sweet homemade feast courtesy of my mom, Belva.  Just for the record, I did act as Mom’s sous chef like always.  I’m the apprentice to the master.

Thankfully, Gary’s (or as I like to call him, Daddy) garden has finally produced a bounty of beautiful tomatoes.  With so many tomatoes at our disposal we gladly incorporated them into several components of dinner.

One word.  Salsa.

Perhaps my mom has some unknown Hispanic heritage.  Her homemade salsa is SO delicious.  David claims it’s so good, you could drink it…so that’s exactly what he did.

On the menu: insalata caprese, a tomato, feta and squash frittata, Belva-baked bread, and cucumbers in vinegar.

It’s okay, you can drool.

Oh, yeah.

So at this point you may be thinking, “Wait, Maggie. What about dessert?”

Well, a few weeks ago I planted a seed in my mother’s mind.  I casually mentioned how much David loves banana pudding.  That being said, if David expresses a love for something edible, my mom will make it.  Fortunately, I too love banana pudding.

Anyway, when David and I arrived at my parent’s house last night, Mom was stirring away at pudding made from scratch.  This pudding would ultimately play a crucial role in the final product.

I could tell you how wonderful it was, but just look at.  You can tell it’s perfect.  Creamy, sweet, southern bliss.

The fruits of your labor were enjoyed immensely, Mama. Thanks.

Until next time, friends.


Tuesday I ventured to downtown Winston to visit the farmer’s market hosted weekly by Krankies Coffee.  I’ve gone almost every week this summer and each visit has been delightful.  The vendors are friendly and informative and the produce is cheap and delicious.  What’s not to love?

One perk of unemployment: being able to plan your entire day around perusing a local farmer’s market until your heart’s content.  Unfortunately, farmer’s market funds dwindle more quickly sans job.

None the less, I picked up some fresh okra, two bulbs of garlic, and a head of purple cabbage. Three bucks, people.  That’s not too shabby.

Let’s Go Back

Hello, again.  Let’s see.  Where did I leave off?  Oh, yes.  The boys and I had a delicious lunch and then proceeded to walk around the big city of Charlotte for a little longer.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t long at all before our sweat-covered selves were more than ready to head back to Alex’s house to rest for a bit.  We did manage to find refuge from the heat in a really nifty public library while waiting for the train to arrive.

Before making it back to Alex’s we came across this little gem…

If you guessed that this place had frozen yogurt, you’d be right.  SELF SERVE frozen yogurt.  Dangerous.  We treated ourselves to some frozen refreshment.


I just realized that when you write a blog about the food you eat, it seems as though all you do is eat.  Oh, well.

Several hours of plane watching and puppy playing passed before we were ready for our next meal.

Hey, Casey!

Seeing as how the men met their meat quota for the week at lunch, I went out on a limb and suggested we have dinner at an all vegetarian restaurant I’d discovered on the web.  Thankfully, my carnivorous counterparts were more than willing.  They truly are gentlemen.

Yes, yes, and yes! Take me back.  I need to go back right now!

This was easily the best Indian food I’ve ever eaten.  The guys loved it too!  We couldn’t stop talking about how delicious everything tasted.  We ordered several random things from the menu.  A game of menu roulette if you will.

Everything was so fresh and full of flavor.  Jill, you would have loved it.  Why don’t you come home from Chicago and I’ll take you there?

Well, folks.  This concludes David and Maggie’s adventure in Charlotte.

Dandelion Demolition

Okay, let’s try this again.

David, Alex, and I enjoyed a lovely day in Charlotte.  We ate some great food, Alex showed us the big city, and we got to witness airplanes land and take off from absurdly close distances.

Aren’t they cute?

We had lunch in “uptown” Charlotte at this neat little place called Dandelion Market.  We all ordered sandwiches which were devoured in record time.  FYI: walking around in 93* weather causes extreme hunger.

Now, meet the eats…or should I say, meet the meats?

Alex and David, being the macho men they are, ordered sandwiches brimming with every kind of meat imaginable.  Strictly for quality control purposes, I tried a French fry or four.  They met my standards.

Hey, there’s my sandwich!  It was stuffed with mushrooms, arugula, sun dried tomatoes, and goat cheese.  Not bad, eh?  They were not shy with that goat cheese either, which certainly earned extra points in my book!

There’s still more to come! I know the anticipation is killing you, but it’s time for bed.

Good night!

Queen City Adventures

Yesterday, David and I traveled to Charlotte to visit our buddy, Alex.

We covered a lot of ground during our twelve-hour stay.  The boys were very accommodating by allowing me to visit a few of my favorite establishments.

I know you’re eager to see all the yummy things we ate.  Unfortunately, the photo uploading process is being a bit sluggish at the moment.  I’ll fill you in as soon as things are back up to speed.

Cheesy Goodness

Good morning, everyone.  I have something to share with you.

Last night my aunts took me and David to dinner as a belated graduation treat.  We dined at Bernardin’s in downtown Winston-Salem.  

Pretty neat decor, don’t you think? Anyway, on to the food.

David, of course, opted for the dish with the most seafood per square inch.  There’s pasta under there somewhere.  He thoroughly enjoyed his meal and graciously shared a mussel with me.

I was feeling fishy myself and went with the Diver Scallops and English Pea Risotto.  Yeah, it was great.  The risotto was a pile of cheesy goodness.  The scallops and asparagus were cooked to perfection.

General consensus from David and Maggie: we’d go back in a heartbeat…as long as someone else is picking up the tab.