Magical Mediterranean

David and I recently returned from our annual trip to Holden Beach with his family.  We had to leave earlier than the rest of the crowd due to David’s work schedule, but we consoled ourselves by stopping in Raleigh for lunch.

A huge thanks to Jan, David’s aunt, for making the most amazing recommendation EVER!  People, if you’re ever anywhere near Raleigh, you have to go to Neomonde.  This place dishes out some of the most delicious Mediterranean food imaginable.  I was down right giddy when I saw the bountiful selection of salads, spreads, and breads that the folks behind the counter were serving up.  Naturally, David and I wanted to try as much as possible, so we both ordered the Four Sampler Platter.  I’m telling you, this place is the Middle Eastern equivalent to K&W.

Doesn’t that look wonderful? It’s 8 am, and I’m hungry for that plate all over again.  Anyway, these were my selections: couscous, roasted potato salad, fava bean salad, and of course, HUMMUS.

David’s plate was equally delicious.  His plate featured a cooked cabbage dish, black bean salad, baba ghanouj, and some delicious lentil casserole that I stole several bites from.

We were in heaven for about 6 minutes until this happened…

Clearly, we hated it.

Oh yeah, something delicious that went unphotographed: dessert.  We got a cashew lady finger from the bakery case.  It was basically phyllo dough filled with chopped up cashews and honey.  It was tasty and tiny and perfect for just getting that taste of something sweet.

We’re going back.

That’s all for now.  I’m off to deliver more resumes to elementary schools.  Wish me luck!


One Comment on “Magical Mediterranean”

  1. Belva Hinshaw says:

    Looks yummy! Looking forward to following and helping with your foody adventures. Mom

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