Tuesday I ventured to downtown Winston to visit the farmer’s market hosted weekly by Krankies Coffee.  I’ve gone almost every week this summer and each visit has been delightful.  The vendors are friendly and informative and the produce is cheap and delicious.  What’s not to love?

One perk of unemployment: being able to plan your entire day around perusing a local farmer’s market until your heart’s content.  Unfortunately, farmer’s market funds dwindle more quickly sans job.

None the less, I picked up some fresh okra, two bulbs of garlic, and a head of purple cabbage. Three bucks, people.  That’s not too shabby.


2 Comments on “Krankies”

  1. Jan Morgan says:

    Hey, Maggie – I feel an equal affinity with the State Farmer’s Market (though I don’t make it over there on a weekly basis). My last visit was July 3rd, when I availed myself of blackberries, peaches, corn, tomatoes, etc. It’s gratifying, the amount of fresh local food that you can buy for so little money.

    The Crankie’s Farmer’s Market looks to be very well-attended and your pictures are lovely (particularly, the basket of tomatoes).

    Here’s to your continued explorations…..


  2. Belva Hinshaw says:

    Your photos are lovely. Perhaps you should pursue a career as a photographer. Just kidding! Hate that I could not have been with you for this excursion. MOM

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