Tomatoes Galore

Good Sunday Morning, all.  I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.  I’m sitting here sipping coffee and reminiscing about yesterday’s dinner.  No, David and I didn’t go to a restaurant last night.  We enjoyed a sweet, sweet homemade feast courtesy of my mom, Belva.  Just for the record, I did act as Mom’s sous chef like always.  I’m the apprentice to the master.

Thankfully, Gary’s (or as I like to call him, Daddy) garden has finally produced a bounty of beautiful tomatoes.  With so many tomatoes at our disposal we gladly incorporated them into several components of dinner.

One word.  Salsa.

Perhaps my mom has some unknown Hispanic heritage.  Her homemade salsa is SO delicious.  David claims it’s so good, you could drink it…so that’s exactly what he did.

On the menu: insalata caprese, a tomato, feta and squash frittata, Belva-baked bread, and cucumbers in vinegar.

It’s okay, you can drool.

Oh, yeah.

So at this point you may be thinking, “Wait, Maggie. What about dessert?”

Well, a few weeks ago I planted a seed in my mother’s mind.  I casually mentioned how much David loves banana pudding.  That being said, if David expresses a love for something edible, my mom will make it.  Fortunately, I too love banana pudding.

Anyway, when David and I arrived at my parent’s house last night, Mom was stirring away at pudding made from scratch.  This pudding would ultimately play a crucial role in the final product.

I could tell you how wonderful it was, but just look at.  You can tell it’s perfect.  Creamy, sweet, southern bliss.

The fruits of your labor were enjoyed immensely, Mama. Thanks.

Until next time, friends.


4 Comments on “Tomatoes Galore”

  1. Belva says:

    You both are very welcome! I too enjoyed our feast way too much. I look forward to our next “fooding” adventure. Luv ya, MOM

  2. Jan Morgan says:

    Tomato, feta and squash frittata – that sounds awesome! And why haven’t I been introduced to Belva and Gary yet?

    I have heard tales of Belva’s legendary table, from Juli. Might she have a simple recipe for gazpacho? A friend and I were discussing that dish, this afternoon; we would like to make it, but of course, want the simplest recipe possible.

    Maggie, I learned (from watching CHOPPED, on the Food Network) that Italian chefs consider it HERESY to put grated cheese on any dish containing fish, or shellfish. I have always lavished my spaghetti with clam sauce with whatever grated cheese was available – I had never heard of not doing so – have you?

    I think I will run this by Brad Esposito.

    BELVA’S LEGENDARY TABLE would be a good name for your mom’s cook book – or her cooking show! What are you going to call yours?

  3. elise says:

    this meal was just plain gorgeous. now im thinking of adding bread maker to our registry…ha! or you could just send some of that loaf my way…

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