Let’s See

Here’s the thing.  David and I haven’t really had any foodie adventures lately.  I’ve had some great meals in the past several days, but David wasn’t present.  Whoops.  I’m trying to stay loyal to the general theme of the blog.  You know, documenting our food experiences.  However,  I think this blog may develop into something more.

David and I did go to a nifty little coffee shop not too long ago.  I took pictures.

Cafe Roche is cool, my friends.  The barista, Justin, treated us like old chums, chatting away as he prepared our beverages.  If I remember correctly, it was around 10 am on a surprisingly brisk July morning.  I ordered a latte and David had an iced coffee.  Of course, by iced coffee I mean a banana milkshake.  I think Justin was a bit confused by the request but was happy to oblige.

If he insists on milkshakes for breakfast at least he goes for banana.

Chug, little dairy king, chug.

Latte for the lady.


2 Comments on “Let’s See”

  1. Jill says:

    I LOVE Cafe Roche! Might be my fave in Winston (but Krankie’s is way cool, too). I used to go there sometimes after work at Habitat. And Edward McKay bookstore is not far from there, either. Ah, good little area.

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