Cake Taker

Oh, hey.  How’s your Tuesday going.  Mine’s going well.

As I mentioned yesterday, there hasn’t been much going on lately.  Looking back, there were a few instances where I should have snapped a photo and seized the opportunity to tell you about it.  But when something delicious is sitting right in front of your face and your camera is further than arm’s reach, you have to make a choice.  I’m trying.

Thanks to my Mom, David and I tasted practically every sweet treat from the Whole Foods dessert case over the weekend.  Cookies on Friday, carrot cake on Saturday, and German chocolate cake on Sunday.  I’m totally a baked goods snob.  I don’t even like being in the same room as a crappy, store-bought sheet cake.  Offer me cookies from a box and I’ll throw them in your face.  Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating.  I would never be so rude.  You get the point though, right?  Keep in mind, however, this is Whole Foods we’re talking about.  I don’t expect anything less than perfection and boy, did they deliver.

I could give mouth-watering descriptions of the baked items, but I’m afraid I’ll hop in my car and go spend what few dollars I have on every cake they have in stock.  Trust me.

Okay.  I know you like seeing pictures.  Don’t we all?  Lucky for you, I snapped a couple of food photos while eating lunch with the mother mentioned above.  We dined at one of my favorite Winston establishments: The Carving Board.  A pasta salad lover’s paradise for sure.  I always get giddy about eating at The Carving Board.  Why, you ask? Two words: spicy noodles.  They are life changing.

Check out my Three Salad Plate.

Everything was so fresh and delicious and perfect.  They had a new salad which was made with watermelon and feta cheese.  I know it may sound a little strange, but it was a match made in flavor heaven.  I want more.

There’s Mama’s.

She kept raving about her lemon and basil chicken salad.  Her little wheels were turning trying to decipher the ingredients for recreation purposes.

That’s all I’ve got. Farewell!


5 Comments on “Cake Taker”

  1. Jill says:

    Thanks. Now I’m craving those damn spicy noodles and I have no idea how to make them or where to get them here.

  2. Marvin says:

    Okay, feta cheese and watermelon. Are you freaking INSANE? Give me pork rinds and a PBR !

  3. Marvin says:

    okay, pork rinds and Miller Light!

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